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Game/TV Duality

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Games based on TV shows and TV shows based of games have a long history. The classic examples (and as far back as I can remember, I’m afraid!) are Pokémon and Mario. Nintendo had a good franchise in the video gaming industry, and expanded it to enrichen the experience of the followers of the franchises. Whether or not they did that, is a matter of personal choice, but I remember, as a kid, playing the Pokémon games on my gameboy, and then switching on the TV to see the anime. As I was a kid, I cared little for the cheesiness or blatant moneyspinner that was the TV show, I just enjoyed seeing a different angle on the universe.

Recently, TV shows based on films have been on the decline. Indeed, there’ve been several video games based on TV shows, and practically 1 per film that comes out, but that’s often shovelware (though there are those who argue that the Mario & Pokémon TV series’ were the TV’s equivalent of shovelware!).

Sci-FiAnyway, I was interested to read earlier a joint MMO and TV series being produced by the Sci-Fi channel. It certainly is an interesting prospect. It could work if they seperate the two franchises into seperate departments. I think the TV series should show the universe as a whole, the political and military movements of it, and the lives of the political and military leaders, while the game allows the player to explore it on a ground level, seeing how the changes affect the life of the average Joe. Having the two angles on the game could really increase the players’ immersion.

On a side note, conerning the World of Warcraft Film, which is kind of related – I think the company responsible are going in the right direction in making a ‘War movie’ not an adventure movie. The people who go to see the movie will undoubtedly be mainly players, and to allow them to see the major characters in the game doing something other than just standing stationary in their cities will be quite exciting for them. However, if they went to see what would effectively be 2 hours of CGI rendered gameplay, they wouldn’t be impressed.


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June 2, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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