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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (called Rapture).

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Yes, like Star Wars, Bioshock, the envisaged one-off project has now been extended to a trilogy. As well as this, a film will be released about the time of the 3rd installment. A film, based on a game, not made by Uwe Boll? Could it actually be good? Maybe, as the director is Gore Verbinski (director of the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy) and the writer is John Logan (writer of Gladiator). That sounds promising, at least.

As for the trilogy of games, I’ve got mixed feelings. You may have read my write-up on Bioshock. It was very positive – I loved it. But, so often, a brilliant game/film/book whatever, has spawned a whole tirade of rushed-out marketing coal to throw onto the fire. Games/films/books lackBioshocking what made the original special. Bioshock felt loved, felt as though it’d been created carefully and lovingly by it’s creators. It didn’t feel like a cash cow. And I’m sure that if Ken Levine oversaw Bioshocks 2 & 3, they’d feel the same. But, the problem is, it’s not clear if he will be leading them. It’s been confirmed he’ll be involved, but in what capacity? I think it was not just a coincidence he led the team working on Bioshock, and the fact it went onto become such a good game. He’s clearly a guy with great passion and vision, but I fear he may be given more of a backseat in Bioshocks 2 & 3, as the marketing department set deadlines, limit budgets, maybe even get celebrity cameos! I fear the world of Rapture could be butchered by those with dollar signs in their eyes.

It is, also a different studio working on the sequels. 2K Marin are confirmed to be heading the project. Now, I’m no developer, no insider in the games business, but that could signal a completely different team, and I fear that Bioshock will become ‘mainstream’ed, designed to sell in the volumes of GTA (I even read a article where the developer was saying how Bioshock would be a franchise operating in the same way as GTA, releasing every few years). But Bioshock and GTA are so different. One, an open world, a game driven by freedom and choices, one, extremely story driven.

I really hope Bioshock isn’t a franchise destroyed by the marketing teams of 2K, I hope it isn’t squeezed for all it’s worth until the cash cow looks like a starved heifer. I hope Bioshock 2 and 3 deliver.


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June 6, 2008 at 2:25 pm

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