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June 2008: A Preview

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So, a new month is upon us, and I decided to use my rather lacklustre gift of foresight to predict the month’s hits and misses.


  • Alone in the Dark – a game from a very popular franchise. Only a fool will say it’ll flop.
  • Spore Character Creator – shameless moneyspinner that it is, Spore is one of the more eagerly awaited games of the year, and that guarentees sales.
  • Mass Effect (PC) – a great game for the 360, every proud 360 player will have told their PC adoring friends to get this game, and it’ll sell.
  • Metal Gear Solid IV – with raving reviews and a strong franchise, every PS3 owner will be saving up their pennies to get this game. And a lot of non-PS3 owners will take the plunge because of it.
  • Ninja Gaiden II – the closest thing the 360 fanboys will get to a game to boast about this month to their PS3 counterparts.
  • Lego Indiana Jones – not just shovelware, the Lego series has done well with a mix of engaging gameplay and very profitable IPs. Combine it with being on every platform known to man (and a few more besides), and you can bet on it selling.


  • Prince Caspian – looks like shovelware, smells like shovelware, tastes like shovelware. It probably is shovelware.
  • Hellboy: The Science of Evil – another attempt at a film based game that I fear will follow its compatriots back to hell.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit – is it just me, or do people not care about DBZ any more?
  • Kung Fu Panda – /facepalm

Ones to look out for (they could do anything):

  • Sid Meier’s Civilisation Revolution – strong franchise, but will it’s lengthy absence and convert to console cause it to flop?
  • Legend: Hand of God – I said Legend: Hand of God. Obscure little game only releasing in Europe this month, looks half-decent. But will it’s lack of marketing come back to haunt it?
  • Sims 2 IKEA – They’re scraping the barrel so hard, some wood’s getting thrown into these games. I am, but will the rest of the market be sick of Sims 2 shovelware too?
  • Wheelman – I don’t quite understand the premise of this game. Is it a film? A film game? A game made like a film? Anyway, it’s got Vin Diesel in it (he’s more expensive nowadays… did you get it?), but will that be enough?

At the end of the month, I’ll review my previews, and see how close I was. Probably, not very, I’d be willing to bet.

Metal Gear Solid IV


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June 1, 2008 at 9:40 pm

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