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Spore Creature Creator – A cheap trick, but fun.

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SporeEA, the kings of money-making when it comes to game, have got another corker with the Spore Creature Creator. They charge you £5 to get it, which in turn, signs you over to become cheap labour for them. The creatures you create and share are then used in the full game to populate it. As well as that, it shows you a fraction of the game, smaller than most demos would, but you’re paying for it! Well, fourtunately, there is a trial edition of the creature creator, and I’m happy to sacrifice the extra parts to at least cost EA one sale.

It is fun though. You really can customise to your hearts content, you can create all sorts of combinations of legs, arm, heads, feet and horns. It’s the kind of game, where if you have a spark of creativity, you can be addicted to for months. If you’re less creative (ahem, me), you might find it fun for a while, but the chances are it’ll wear off. That is where EA get you, as the full game allows you do nurture these creatures as a race, not just as a creation. I’m looking forward to Spore, it should be a real treat. I wonder if it can emulate the success of The Sims, and have everyone glued to the PC as their whole civilization, not just their family, grow and multiply. It’s one to look out for, indeed.


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June 21, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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