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Grinding can be fun. Wait, what?

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More reports from Hyboria. Now, I’m level 47, and recently I’ve taken part in a couple of grinding sessions with some guildies. Now, normally, I’m strongly opposed to grinding, but, in Age of Conan, it can be kinda fun. I get really good XP from these sessions, as we use the ‘apprenticeship’ system – this basically scales a character up to 1 level below a group member – so that I, as level 47 can join up with players in the 60s. The XP is scaled down, of course, but with 6 of us there, we can rip through mobs at some pace, and there are plenty of mobs to go around in some (apparently designed) grinding spots. So why is this type of grinding fun?

  1. Good rewards – get a fair amount of cash, and really good XP from doing it.
  2. Social aspect – playing with a few other people is much more enjoyable than grinding alone.
  3. No downtime – if there’s anything more annoying than grinding creatures, it’s waiting for them to respawn.
  4. Age of Conan’s combat system – it makes it all the more frantic and chaotic, and as you see the hordes of enemies fall at your feet, it’s really very fulfilling!

Now, of course, I’ve only been doing it for a few hours, and depending on how much is required, I could get sick of it. But so far, it’s been good. The problem is crafting is nowhere near as fun. The crafting system in Age of Conan is the laziest and most boring I’ve come across. They’ve made resource zones, which, in themselves are boring, as they’re just landscapes with nodes scattered, and to craft, all you do is run around, gather, run around, gather. It’s so frustrating as most of the nodes have been emptied, and it feels as though you’re getting nothing done (which you’re not!). So, I’ll be steering clear of the crafting in Age of Conan. That said, having read the latest WAR newsletter, the crafting system Mythic are using looks very cool. Quite basic, but I like it, as I play an MMO to fight, not to stand watching progress bars. Funcom saw it as an oppourtunity to increase the amount of time people play their game. Luckily, EA Mythic didn’t fall into the same money-grabbing trap.


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June 5, 2008 at 7:40 pm

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