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The end of my Hyborian Adventures.

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Age of ConanIt is with some sadness that I announce my time in Age of Conan has come to an end. I cancelled my subscription after finishing my free month. Some sadness I say, but in honesty, not a great deal. The game was too unfinished. While grinding was fun in AoC compared to many games, it was by no means fun enough to constitute doing it full time. And, at level 72, the grinding was tedious and mind-numbing. I was unable to do it for long periods of time, and that led to it taking literally ages to get levels, which made it even more tedious and mind-numbing. So this post, I guess, is an autopsy of my time in the game.

What was good about Age of Conan? The start. Tortage was excellent. I’ve got a day before my subscription ends, and I might just make another character to play through Tortage again. Levels 20-40 felt a bit disjointed, but still, on the whole, were pretty good. 40-50 the fun picked up again for me, but after 50, the levels of grinding sucked. That was what killed the fun for me. That and seeing the lack of endgame content at present. Very few raids, which would end up being treadmills raids I think, and PvP looking in a pretty much pre-beta stage. This game could have done with time, plain and simple. Time would have made this game a much more fun experience from launch. And I’ll give it time. Maybe I’ll come back in several months time, that is, if another game hasn’t grabbed me by then.

This game promised so much, and yet delivered so little. Maybe the speed I play the game at is the problem – Funcom clearly didn’t bargain for players like me, who level quite quickly, but still expect quests. Well, Funcom, you should bargain for players like me. Blizzard do.

What shall I do now? Well, I’m playing through a couple games I got out of my dust-filled cabinets that I plan to review for my ‘The Classics’ series, so watch out for those. I’m preparing myself for WAR this autumn! As I said, I’ve been reading the book ‘Tales of the Old World’. I’m finding it thoroughly enjoyable. Paul Barnett summed up the Warhammer Universe perfectly when he said ‘it’s fantasy with all the crap taken out’. Also, a game that’s consistently tempted me, but never forced me to take the plunge is EVE Online. It seems like a very special game, but I’m not sure if I’m the kind of person who thrives in it. Clearly some people do, and other don’t. I guess the only way to find out is to play it and concentrate on it, and see what happens, and the new expansion could increase playability for a newcomer, or so I’ve heard.

In other news, my WAR preorder is starting to worry me a bit. Play.com, who I ordered it from, seem to be very unsure what they need to do! I don’t think they realise they should be sending pre-order codes. War-europe.com says they’ve been sent, a poster of the WHA forums claims otherwise, whilst I got an email from Play.com, informing me it’ll be with me within a week. Why oh why did you choose them, GOA/EA?


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June 21, 2008 at 4:58 pm

Age of Conan at 55.

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I hit 55 earlier today in Age of Conan, and I thought – why am I still playing? Most of the game revolves around grinding now, but still, I seem strangely addicted.

It hit me. My guild. My guild is awesome, a bunch of some of the best MMO players on my server, and the reason I’m still playing this game, and I’m still so hooked, is because I can’t wait to rake in the achievements with these guys. When I was playing LOTRO, I got fed up with levelling. I ground my way through it, and then, when I hit level 50, everything changed. Suddenly, I was taking part in raids into the Rift, and I was having so much fun. The process of a raid is what I enjoy, the achievement you feel after knocking down a boss even quicker than before. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Bartle test, it analyses your gamer psychology. Well, I came out as an achiever. I could have told you that, but still… Achieving is why I play games.

Age of Conan has so much in it to achieve. Raiding, PvP, city building, they’re all huge achievements to be unlocked. And while the gameplay is good, the combat, admittedly, I do really enjoy, the level of quests is poor, and the time needed to level is quite high, but I’ll persevere, and then, when I get to level 80, the fun will start for me. The levelling is little more than a glorified tutorial for me, teaching me how to play the class.

I’ll stay in Age of Conan for the time being, and while my position on Warhammer Online hasn’t changed, it’s looking possible that I could have two MMO subscriptions on the go for the first time ever. By that time, maybe Age of Conan will have lost it’s fun (LOTRO inevitably did, but why that happened is enough material for another post). Or maybe I’ll still enjoy the achievements I complete with my guild.

This also got me thinking, of the basic game mechanic of guild competition present in AoC. It’s something many sucessful MMOs don’t do. WoW, obviously, goes with the faction vs. faction approach. Both methods, do, for me, have advantages, the faction approach’s main advantage is that no matter your quality or experience, you have allies of all types. But the biggest disadvantage is an imbalance causes an imbalance in the whole PvP game. The guild approach’s main advantage for me is the personal feel – you know everyone in your guild, and as such, feel much closer with the members. The disadvantage is, you need to scout around to find a guild on joining, and there will, inevitably be elite guilds, which the smaller guilds can’t compete with.

Overall, I can enjoy a game with both system, but I think, for Age of Conan, the guild system works well. The idea of defending my guild’s city, and fighting for the reputation of my clan appeals to me. The personal aspect of it makes my battles really feel worthwhile.

P.S. Sorry for the rollercoaster views on AoC at the moment. Some days are good in Hyboria, others bad. Today was really good!

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June 9, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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Grinding can be fun. Wait, what?

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More reports from Hyboria. Now, I’m level 47, and recently I’ve taken part in a couple of grinding sessions with some guildies. Now, normally, I’m strongly opposed to grinding, but, in Age of Conan, it can be kinda fun. I get really good XP from these sessions, as we use the ‘apprenticeship’ system – this basically scales a character up to 1 level below a group member – so that I, as level 47 can join up with players in the 60s. The XP is scaled down, of course, but with 6 of us there, we can rip through mobs at some pace, and there are plenty of mobs to go around in some (apparently designed) grinding spots. So why is this type of grinding fun?

  1. Good rewards – get a fair amount of cash, and really good XP from doing it.
  2. Social aspect – playing with a few other people is much more enjoyable than grinding alone.
  3. No downtime – if there’s anything more annoying than grinding creatures, it’s waiting for them to respawn.
  4. Age of Conan’s combat system – it makes it all the more frantic and chaotic, and as you see the hordes of enemies fall at your feet, it’s really very fulfilling!

Now, of course, I’ve only been doing it for a few hours, and depending on how much is required, I could get sick of it. But so far, it’s been good. The problem is crafting is nowhere near as fun. The crafting system in Age of Conan is the laziest and most boring I’ve come across. They’ve made resource zones, which, in themselves are boring, as they’re just landscapes with nodes scattered, and to craft, all you do is run around, gather, run around, gather. It’s so frustrating as most of the nodes have been emptied, and it feels as though you’re getting nothing done (which you’re not!). So, I’ll be steering clear of the crafting in Age of Conan. That said, having read the latest WAR newsletter, the crafting system Mythic are using looks very cool. Quite basic, but I like it, as I play an MMO to fight, not to stand watching progress bars. Funcom saw it as an oppourtunity to increase the amount of time people play their game. Luckily, EA Mythic didn’t fall into the same money-grabbing trap.

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June 5, 2008 at 7:40 pm

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ChaosCast and WAR

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ChaosCastThe Warhammer Online community is growing fast, and with many people disillusioned with AoC, bored with WoW, and with nothing else shining out in the near future, many people are pinning their hopes in WAR.

3 guys at the helm of the WAR community recently grouped together in forming the ‘ChaosCast’ – a podcast where they discuss the issues of WAR. I’ve listened to the first episode, and I must say it was a very interesting listen. You can hear it at Keen & Graev’s Gaming Blog, The Greenskin or Waaagh!. I’d recommend  you check it out, if you’re a WAR fanboy, or merely interested, there’s some good information and funny banter.

As I stand at the moment, I’m still playing Age of Conan. I’ve hit a bit of a low at the moment, as I’m finding Tarantia Noble District a horrible place to level, but I’ll persevere, and once I’m through, hopefully I’ll start enjoying the game again. But, if I’m honest, Age of Conan won’t be my all time favourite game, unless they add good new content fast (which they won’t). So, I too am looking to WAR. I managed to get my preorder of the Collector’s Edition in before they cancelled them at Play.com (lucky, as there’s not a HMV around for miles where I live). Although I’ve seen little actual gameplay, the direction they are taking is awesome, and the systems I’ve heard so far sound great. I love the non-grinding approach, as probably, of all things in an MMO, grinding is what bogs me down the most. If I feel as though I’m grinding, I get bored, I leave the game, and often I don’t come back. It’s why I never got to 70 in WoW. Outland was one big grind-fest for me, and the prospect of getting to endgame to grind didn’t do anything for me either.

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June 2, 2008 at 6:03 pm

Forts at Thoughty. Oh, no – Thoughts at Forty.

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So, I’ve hit the big 40 in Age of Conan, and I thought it was about time I posted again about this game. If I’m honest, Age of Conan is rapidly losing its charm to me, and the carbon copy crafting system has a lot to do with it. To even learn the professions you need to grind, which I’m pretty sure is a good indication of what’s to come. For those of you who hadn’t realised yet – I hate grinding.

Combat is still fun to me, I love the way it’s implemented, and the buzz you get after a fatality. The quests in the game are starting to get to me though, or rather, the lack of them is. I’ve had to grind a bit recently, and the members of my guild who’re approaching 80 say that most of the game after level 70 consists of grouping up and grinding. That’s pretty worrying and puts me off the game a bit.

The music I still love, the sounds too are great. I’m still troubled by how little it immerses me, compared to games like Morrowind and Bioshock, it’s very poor in that regard.

It’s a shame, because the game had such a strong start in Tortage, but it seems that maybe Funcom concentrated too much on Tortage, and neglected the rest of the world. ‘Age of Conan: Tortagian Adventures’ would have been a more appropriate title.

Nethertheless, I have over 3 more weeks of prepaid time, so I’ll keep playing. It wouldn’t be the first time I hit a certain milestone and the spark comes back. Indeed, I was considering quitting LOTRO when one day I suddenly got reinvigorated by it, and really enjoyed it once again. Will the same happen in AoC? Only time will tell.

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May 31, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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Age of Conan, Part 2

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OK, so I’ve been playing Age of Conan for 5 days now. As I’m sure you’re well aware, a lot of things can change in 5 days. However, I’m still feeling pretty positive about AoC now, even 5 days on, and after many hours more in the game.

What do I still like about it?

  1. The combat – it’s not gotten old yet, and it doesn’t look like doing so for a good while either; it’s really refreshing. What I think is the best thing about the combat is you’re always involved. You have to make the character move, make it attack, and as a result, when you kill your enemy, it feels all the more satisfying – especially if you get lucky and pull off a fatality.
  2. The sound – I didn’t really talk about the sound in my original post, but the sound is fantastic. The music fits each area perfectly, from the greek sounding background music in Aquilonia, to the chanting and tribal songs of Africa-esque Stygia. The combat sounds are great too – if you listen carefully you can even hear your enemy’s skull crack as you bring the sledgehammer down on their head. Tortage really was amazing though, with every quest and every NPC voice acted. Sadly, that is only carried on as you carry out your destiny quest – but there are rumours that more is being recorded as we speak and will come in future patches. Which would be great.
  3. The graphics – each zone is designed well, and looks beautiful. Even on my moderate PC, the areas feel alive, and look it too. I’m more of a fan of realised graphics, and therefore it suits me perfectly. Stylised fans may not like it so much, but personally I can’t see how anyone could think it ugly.

Although there are a lot of good things about Age of Conan, I’m starting to find areas which I don’t like so much:

  1. Quests. Quests in Age of Conan are highly variable – I’ve done some really good ones, some absolute beauties, requiring not much running between places, just lots of action and great storylines (an example of this – the quests in Border Range in Aquilonia – they were fantastic). I’ve also done some awful quests – quests taking me halfway across the zone to talk to an NPC, who then wants me to go back to the original quest giver. Also, it needs me to run through mobs 5 or 6 levels above me! Another problem I find with the quests in Age of Conan, is that, often, there aren’t enough quests for me to level up sufficiently. I had to grind 1/3 of a level earlier to get some quests within my level range again. This is poor design – nowadays, in pay to play MMOs, where questing is the main mechanic for levelling, I expect more quests than I need – I expect to be able to drop quests too easy for me, not have to do them for pitiful rewards just to get the next level up. On the topic of quests, each zone seems to have just 1 quest hub!? It seems like in the zones which are intended for a wide range of levels (e.g. Wild Lands of Zelata), I could be running huge distances to do a quest for me at level 36 or 37, because all quests can only be picked up or handed in at the very beginning of the zone where you join at level 20. Running disrupts immersion, and ruins the fun value of the quest.
  2. Zones. The zones in Age of Conan are meant to be small areas of a massive map. As such, you only play a fragment of the world at a time, and the zones are not connected – you need to travel through load screens to get to other areas, via fast travel NPCs. This also means that you can travel many many miles in seconds, resulting in a huge break in immersion, as you were in a sandy desert with tropical beasts, and now you’re in the mountains being attacked by wolves. Personally, I loved WoW in this regard – the whole area was one massive area where you could run from one end to the other uninterrupted if you wanted to. And the fast trave of riding a wyvern, eagle or bat was awesome, you got to see the whole zone and landscape; even if it did take several minutes to travel from one zone to another at times! As for the instancing matter – it doesn’t bother me too much, as in the larger zones, instancing only seems to be used to prevent congestion – I like that – I mean, what’s more frustrating than waiting around a quest mob spawn with 10 other people?
  3. Monotony – this comes from the requirement of many boring quests, I’m afraid. Sometimes, I find myself playing for a couple hours and getting bored – it stems from lack of immersion I guess, as I don’t feel ‘in’ the game, so my mind wanders to other things. What compounds it is the daunting task of levelling – there are so many levels to achieve, I feel as though I’m only just on the tip of the iceberg. That should be a good thing, but I’m worried that as I level up, the quest grinding will only get more boring, and the rewards will get lower.

Overall, I’m still happy in Age of Conan. I am, on the whole, enjoying the levelling process, though sometimes the lack of (good) quests can get to me. I don’t mind it, and every MMO I’ve played before has been the same; MMO developers concentrate on keeping players playing for many hours, and they do that by creating a bucketful of quests to do; sadly, this often results in monotony for the player, which in turns ruins immersion, and makes the player go away and do something else for a while.

Verdict? Age of Conan is a good game, and probably my favourite MMO of all those out at the moment. It doesn’t do anything worse than any game that’s come before, and it brings some really nice innovations to the genre. But, it’s far from perfect – the Holy Grail of MMOs it is not. It’s quite difficult to get immersed in it, but if you can cope with taking breaks occasionally between levelling, you’ll be fine. I know from my post it looks like I think there are a lot more bad things in the game than good, but in actual fact, that’s not how I feel. It simply hasn’t corrected all the errors in previous MMOs – I can live with them, and if you enjoyed a previous MMO, you probably can too.

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May 28, 2008 at 6:48 pm

WAR – the MMOMessiah?

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The MMORPG community is a large and complex one, not easy to analyse at all. However, many players are looking for the next mass-popularity MMO. That is, the MMO that becomes the largest game in the world. There is a consensus that World of Warcraft, long the undisputed King, Emporer, Tsar and High Priest of the MMO world has had it’s day – the best is behind it. Whilst the upcoming expansion pack ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ will undoubtedly sell like hotcakes, I can’t see it fulfilling the players’ every dream.

WoW nowadays is a mix of people playing for the social aspect purely, some who are doing a little bit of the raid content and endgame PvP, and Pro-gamers and 1337 raiders. Many of which have played the game for far too long, and are striving for something else, only sticking with WoW until that messiah comes.

Many people saw Age of Conan coming, and thought it would be that game. As much as it would be nice if it were, I guess I always knew it would not – why? It’s too different. It explores adult themes, and WoW has always been quite a teenager-friendly game. The graphics are good, but need a decent rig to run; single mums who can’t afford to spend that much on a PC could play WoW and enjoy it, a little time away from their busy lives – but no way could they do the same with AoC. Also, AoC is a strongly male-orientated game; I’ve yet to meet a female gamer on my server (yes, I guarantee they do exist, but in WoW, there was a pretty large percentage, considering this is a video game, once the realm of only middle-aged men and teenage boys). That has the result of repelling women, repelling men who normally play with their girlfriend or wife, and repelling men who hope to meet a woman in the game (yes, I’ve met ingame couples in previous games that have ended up with a real life marraige!).

As well as this, the combat in AoC is more skill-based – it rewards people who’ve played RPGs and fighting games for years, and makes progression much harder for those who’ve not. WoW didn’t do this; it’s combat was so simple, anyone could pick it up and learn to play in minutes, yet it had the depth, that it attracted ‘Pro-Gamers’ (and still does) – a mistimed skill can cause a wipe for a group in the toughest of dungeons or fiercest of battlegrounds.

What am I getting at? Well – WoW is, as far as I’m concerned, history. There’s room for a new MMO on the block, one which will take over the world like WoW did. And, this Autumn (Fall for the American reader), Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is coming out. This game comes from a 30 year old IP, one that, probably, of all the IPs you could use to build a game on, has the most content available. It is similar enough to WoW in all the good respects, and different enough in the bad. It’s a game that’ll be built for the average Joe’s PC, so it can tap into the mass market. It has a realm vs realm PvP system, giving you automatic allies, and a common cause with them. It promises quest that affect the state of the world you reside in, large scale battles allowing you to even take your enemies’ city for a limited amount of time. All you actions, directly or indirectly, lead to the promotion of your side – but simultaneously, another body of players will be doing the same, belittling the effort you made. This game could be special, and I’m definetly going to be checking up on this game as it progresses. I have my collector’s edition pre-ordered, and I can’t wait until the Open Beta, when I should get to see the game for myself, and see if it really works. And if it does, could it be the WoW-beater? The messiah of MMOs?

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May 27, 2008 at 6:54 pm