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I recently finished ‘Bioshock’ on my 360. What a game. It was a pure and simple rollercoaster ride from start to finish, a model example on how to make a game, drawn from literature, both classical and contemporary, and including philosophy from many eras in its storyline.

The gameplay was incredibly fun; and whilst not the best FPS I’ve played, it drew features from a RPG as well, really giving it its own unique feel – I’ve not played a game before I could compare it to.

What really won me over was the setting. As I said, it drew upon literature and philosophy from hundreds of years, and it really showed. You enter the city of Rapture, a dystopian wasteland, the lovechild of a Russian businessman, frustrated by the economic systems in the major countries of the world, who set it up as an idealistic place for the worlds greatest to craft their own lives – where the state did not interfere with science, art or business. It sounds too good to be true, and unsurprisingly, it was. You are dumped into this city as the ordinary citizens now roam the streets, feasting on each other for ‘Adam’ a form of raw stem cells that allow the people living in Rapture to genetically enhance themselves. Although now, it’s got the stage where they are addicted, they need Adam to keep themselves alive, and as such, would kill for it.

It’s a really creepy place, a city built on the ocean floor, and as the citizens of Rapture descend into chaos, so does the infrastructure. Water leaks in at every corner, and you must try and survive, and eventually get back to the surface.

Also, adding to the atmosphere are the ‘Little Sisters’, which bring a moral element into the game. You must kill their mutated bio-synthetic guardians – the ‘Big Daddies’, then, you’re given the choice of whether to harvest the Adam (and in turn, kill the child), or whether to save them, at the cost of Adam to you, bearing in mind, Adam is the key to you gaining and upgrading your skills, which allow you to survive in Rapture. Needless to say, your decisions will come back to haunt you…

People have said Bioshock is a clone of the System Shock series – but, having never played it myself, I’d be unable to comment. All I know, is that it’s a game of true depth, fun, that truly allows immersion, and gets my heart pumping every time I hear the song ‘Under the Sea’ again…


Written by Gordo

May 27, 2008 at 5:55 pm