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ChaosCast and WAR

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ChaosCastThe Warhammer Online community is growing fast, and with many people disillusioned with AoC, bored with WoW, and with nothing else shining out in the near future, many people are pinning their hopes in WAR.

3 guys at the helm of the WAR community recently grouped together in forming the ‘ChaosCast’ – a podcast where they discuss the issues of WAR. I’ve listened to the first episode, and I must say it was a very interesting listen. You can hear it at Keen & Graev’s Gaming Blog, The Greenskin or Waaagh!. I’d recommend  you check it out, if you’re a WAR fanboy, or merely interested, there’s some good information and funny banter.

As I stand at the moment, I’m still playing Age of Conan. I’ve hit a bit of a low at the moment, as I’m finding Tarantia Noble District a horrible place to level, but I’ll persevere, and once I’m through, hopefully I’ll start enjoying the game again. But, if I’m honest, Age of Conan won’t be my all time favourite game, unless they add good new content fast (which they won’t). So, I too am looking to WAR. I managed to get my preorder of the Collector’s Edition in before they cancelled them at Play.com (lucky, as there’s not a HMV around for miles where I live). Although I’ve seen little actual gameplay, the direction they are taking is awesome, and the systems I’ve heard so far sound great. I love the non-grinding approach, as probably, of all things in an MMO, grinding is what bogs me down the most. If I feel as though I’m grinding, I get bored, I leave the game, and often I don’t come back. It’s why I never got to 70 in WoW. Outland was one big grind-fest for me, and the prospect of getting to endgame to grind didn’t do anything for me either.


Written by Gordo

June 2, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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