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Forts at Thoughty. Oh, no – Thoughts at Forty.

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So, I’ve hit the big 40 in Age of Conan, and I thought it was about time I posted again about this game. If I’m honest, Age of Conan is rapidly losing its charm to me, and the carbon copy crafting system has a lot to do with it. To even learn the professions you need to grind, which I’m pretty sure is a good indication of what’s to come. For those of you who hadn’t realised yet – I hate grinding.

Combat is still fun to me, I love the way it’s implemented, and the buzz you get after a fatality. The quests in the game are starting to get to me though, or rather, the lack of them is. I’ve had to grind a bit recently, and the members of my guild who’re approaching 80 say that most of the game after level 70 consists of grouping up and grinding. That’s pretty worrying and puts me off the game a bit.

The music I still love, the sounds too are great. I’m still troubled by how little it immerses me, compared to games like Morrowind and Bioshock, it’s very poor in that regard.

It’s a shame, because the game had such a strong start in Tortage, but it seems that maybe Funcom concentrated too much on Tortage, and neglected the rest of the world. ‘Age of Conan: Tortagian Adventures’ would have been a more appropriate title.

Nethertheless, I have over 3 more weeks of prepaid time, so I’ll keep playing. It wouldn’t be the first time I hit a certain milestone and the spark comes back. Indeed, I was considering quitting LOTRO when one day I suddenly got reinvigorated by it, and really enjoyed it once again. Will the same happen in AoC? Only time will tell.


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May 31, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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